Přednáška: Polymer Electrolytes For Energy Storage: Novel Materials Beyond The Polyether Paradigm

Dr. Jonas Mindemark (Uppsala University) Thursday 23rd May 2019, 10:45 Institute Of Macromolecular Chemistry CAS Heyrovského Nám. 2, Prague 6

Energy storage systems such as Li-ion batteries contain plenty of soft materials in the form of electrolytes, binders etc. that are essential to both the electrochemical reactions and the integrity of the battery. When it comes to polymer materials, of particular interest are solvent-free polymer electrolytes, that not only promise safer batteries by eliminating flammable electrolyte solvents, but that are also essential for concepts such as structural batteries, flexible batteries and 3D-microbatteries. We have explored new host materials for polymer electrolytes that are in many aspects superior to the polyethers – in particular poly(ethylene oxide) – that are currently dominating the research field. While polyethers are only feasible in batteries operated at 60–80 °C, we have demonstrated fast Li- and Na-ion conduction in polyester- and polycarbonate-based materials, to the point where cycling at room temperature can be realized. This presentation will account for our work relating to this polyester/polycarbonate materials platform, including the preparation of functional and fast-ion-conducting materials, characterization of transport processes, and implementation in Li and Na battery cells.

Dr. Jonas Mindemark (born 1982) received his PhD in 2012 from Uppsala University, Sweden, with a thesis on synthesis of cyclic carbonate monomers and polycarbonates for biomaterials applications. After postdoctoral studies at Uppsala University, on solid polymer electrolytes for Li batteries, and Umeå University, Sweden, on polymer electrolytes for light-emitting electrochemical cells, he was appointed Assistant Professor at Uppsala University in 2016. His research focus is on the development of new polymeric materials for use as electrolytes in energy storage systems, understanding the ion coordination and transport processes in these materials, and implementing them in battery cells based on both Li and beyond-Li chemistries. He has co-authored >30 peer-reviewed publications and currently has an H-index of 14.

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